Why Enigma?

Formed in 1990 Enigma initially produced its own titles. Having both previously been involved in the print industry, founders John and Richard Netherwood discovered former customers were still asking them to produce titles on their behalf.

Realising that there is more to producing a title than simply printing it, today Enigma is more often than not associated with titles requiring careful considered planning. We help advise authors and their publishers at all stages throughout a title’s compilation..
Most of the titles we help produce are specialist interest and tend to be shorter production runs of between 500 and 1000 – although several have subsequently been reprinted.

Recent times have seen the production techniques associated with publishing change. Today’s technology allows manuscripts to be generated electronically. Most titles only leave a computer when transferred directly to a printing press.

We are the only self-publishing company offering existing publishers and self-publishing authors alike the opportunity to take full financial control of their projects. We are not vanity publishers and therefore do not ask for large advanced payments.

In a commercial world of linguistic jargon and commercial double speak Enigma simply offers customers the chance to select the service(s) they need, providing help and guidance where necessary. To this end, customers are not confronted with talk of £k’s or % returns just offered sound considered advice based on our wealth of knowledge and experience gained within the printing and publishing industry.